Friday, June 29, 2012

So, this is my life? really?!

Hello, hello, and hello! This is my very first blog so i hope that it all goes well. I think that i have this..this...idk what to call it.. but I feel like i need to blog about the insanity that is my life. Not to mention what a better way for me to share all the things i love, the funny things that happen to me, and the "insanity" than to blog it to people i don't even know. So, sorry if my life is not as interesting as's funny to me, even though most of the time i am serious. 

Down to business? Okay! 
I am a 32 yr old mother of one gorgeous daughter and married for almost 5 years. I wish i could say that all that way "too exciting" but i know that it is not. I am a massage therapist and i love what i do. I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp, though maybe not as much as some of the women i know. However, i mean he's johnny, what's not to love?!? i have my ups and my downs, but mostly i feel trapped in a world full of complete morons and i would love to share all the fun and somehow interesting things that i see and hear from the people around me. Did i mention i am a huge people watcher?!? I love to look at people and watch them in places like the mall. They always seem like scurrying little rats... maybe this is just me?

I like wine and good books, humor and fun, games and just relaxing. I love a little bit of everything and hate very little. I can't really say that i hate anything.. but i am sure you understand. I have tons of books, read about 4 at a time ( yes it is hard to keep up) and attempt to keep up with a very, very, very active 7 yr old and a very not so active 35 yr old husband. 

last but not least.. Kids say the damnedest things don't they? Stay tuned for that list: Clips and phrases from the mind of a 7 year old. 

For now.. this is all i have. I hope that we will meet and that you will enjoy the posts to come. I will try to get one up every week. Perhaps on fridays? Till then, blessed be to you all!! And for crying out loud, enjoy the day, you won't ever get the chance to do it over!

have a beautiful day!!